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Poster: Tyler Date: Sep 23, 2004 6:21am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: MP3 Sourced Shows - Removal Requested

I initially froze the first show this contributor put up because it was a mp3 fileset. I explained to him the rules of the archive and asked for a loss-less seed. He said he could do that and when it came up it looked fine and i approved it. Since then it seems that all these 'unknown' lineage / taper etc ... shows (all from the same uploader) might be mp3 sourced shows that were just converted to shn and then uploaded.

My interpretation in my interation was that he just 'wanted to get the music out' ... there was never any indications that he: ", challenging anyone to prove that they can tell the difference." which i agree would be wrong.

The person posting the 'attacking' posts appears to be another 311 taper who is trying to keep things as informed and complete as possible. this is possibly why the two of them butted heads.

The problem lies in the 311 taping community itself. 311 and bands like it (Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, Pepper, etc) aren't very organized or informed about lossy v. loss-less, source information, md5's, etc... because of this a lot of these shows just kinda float out there in mp3 versions with little or no known past info.

I would hope that if there is info on these shows that the 311 fans that are 'in the know' pass that on to us. I couldn't find a message board or anything so i don't know who to 'go to' to get the info.

Regardless, if these are mp3 sourced, that should be noted in the notes at least.

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Poster: greenone Date: Sep 23, 2004 1:22pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: MP3 Sourced Shows - Removal Requested

It was on the main board at, but unfortunately, it seems the thread got out of control and was deleted. :(

Part of his post was quoted on another board, under the handle "SmokeOutKid" - the shows in question were posted by "DaSmokeOutKid". His post, in part (with some all-caps shouting removed, typos as-is):

"For the record, I will take any show this jurkoff as posted, turn it intp mp3 and sh*t on it for all, then reupload the sh*ty .shn and let him download it and tell the diff.

he will not be able to, because you cant!"

A bit concerning, I thought.


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Poster: suspect Date: Sep 23, 2004 11:53pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: MP3 Sourced Shows - Removal Requested

I guess what would end all of this is if someone would upload a known good source with all of the appropriate info included. That way, we can delete the unknown, presumably lesser quality source and move on with our music lovin' lives.